Become the estate agent homeowners turn to

How? Simply by sharing your expertise and insight about the local property market using a regular newsletter.

Homebuyers and sellers are hungry for information about prices, market movements, what’s selling and why. They will sign up for your newsletter and get to know you over time. When they are ready to move, you will be top of mind.

Launching your newsletter is easy

To promote your newsletter, just use what you know works – letter drops. But instead of the normal letters you send out, now you can offer something every homeowner wants – local, insider information.

A newsletter that homeowners want to read

To work well, your newsletter has to have insights and information that is relevant. And it has to be written well. At Barnaby Benson Copywriting, we write promotional newsletters and other materials for many of the UK's biggest companies. We'll bring all this expertise to your estate agency.

Gives you more time to spend on what you do best

Getting us to write your newsletter saves you time. All we'll need to write each one is a short telephone call to let us know what’s been going on in your local property market. Just tell us all the things you normally talk about when you meet a buyer or seller. We'll turn that into an engaging read.

Making it happen, month after month

Getting a promotional newsletter out is one of those things that doesn't get done when you're busy. But regular sharing of your insights and knowledge is what will keep your name top of mind with homeowners. It shows you are still an active player and know the local market. When they're ready to sell or rent their home, it convinces owners you're the best person to call.

It’s a small cost compared to the value of a new customer

Each estate agency office newsletter costs just £250, with a minimum order of four offices / month. That monthly £1,000 cost to your business is small when compared to the value of one sale, let alone the many you should get from readers of your newsletter. £250 buys you the writing of a 250 word newsletter for one office and the neighbourhoods it serves. You can take advantage of reduced rates if you have more than 10 offices. Just ask for details.

Writing the one-off Launch Letter promotional mail drop costs just £400.

Don't get beaten to it by your competitors

To avoid conflict of interest, we can only represent one estate agent in each neighbourhood. With the extra earning potential our persuasive newsletters will bring, that slot is going to get snapped up quickly. So don’t delay.

A well written newsletter is a great way for your estate agency to stand out from the competition and convert owners into sellers.

To discuss how an online newsletter could transform your sales, call Barnaby Benson on 033 0122 2114.

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