New business bid and pitch documents

Agencies and brands use us to make their credentials, bid and creative pitch proposals more persuasive.

Agencies are great communicators. So why would they need to bring in a copywriter? Well, they find us useful because we bring a fresh pair of eyes. After a couple of weeks preparing a pitch, even agencies find it difficult to put themselves in a client's shoes. Having someone who hasn't been involved, but has experience in positioning and persuasive writing, can help spot missed opportunities and reveal fresh approaches.

Skills we bring to the table:

- Structuring the pitch to meet the personality profile of the decision maker

- Positioning the agency in response to the main client need

- Theming the pitch, bid, or creative proposal so its benefits are clear and easy to recall

- Editing for impact and clarity

These pitch support skills will improve the effectiveness of your credentials and creative pitches, typically doubling conversion rates. When you consider the cost of preparing a pitch, that can make a dramatic improvement to your bottom line.

We also help brands win bids and competitions. With our help, a client achieved three wins in the Growth Investor Awards 2017. We worked on the executive summary for the bid that won the multi-million pound Kent Rail Franchise for Go-Via. And we wrote the competition entry that secured a place in the finals of the European Business Awards for Avis.

Get in touch to find out how we could improve the effectiveness of your new business bid and pitch documents.

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