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BB Copywriting write the speeches for many major brands including Novartis, Network Rail and Pfizer. We also write conference video and animation scripts – recent clients include Unilever and Cadbury/Kraft.

These companies use us because we have the experience to understand and convey the business objectives of a speech. We also have the judgment to know how to adapt the tone to suit both the audience and the speaker.

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Network Rail

The challenge: at Network Rail’s maiden AGM they would be defending their generous remuneration policy. The audience was to be made up of journalists, union members, passengers and members of the public. None of whom are shy about complaining.

The brief: craft a 20 minute speech which justifies, explains and ultimately gets acceptance for Network Rail’s remuneration policy.

The solution: anticipate, raise and address all possible objections. We also put an emphasis on explanation. The Network Rail employees were being rewarded for hitting punctuality targets. We made it clear just how challenging these targets were.

The writing:

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The result: success. There were no adverse comments regarding the remuneration policy –

a major achievement.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson London. Brand Agency: WHO. Client: Network Rail


Boehringer Ingelheim

The challenge: the conference host’s job is vital. They need to propel the event, picking the crowd up if their enthusiasm begins to wane. Aware of this, pharmaceutical mainstays Boehringer Ingelheim use a charismatic actor as host. He needs a script to match his persona. It has to excite and entertain an internal audience – while staying on message.

The brief: write the conference host’s speech. It needs to open and close proceedings – and take care of housekeeping. The speech must also re-energise the audience after each presentation. As I’m sure you’re aware, this isn’t always easy!

The solution: immersion. We need to understand what makes the company and its internal audience tick. We then pepper the script with warm jokes and some good natured ribbing. During a content-heavy event, the host is often the respite. This is particularly true after long presentations and the script must reflect this. Similarly, housekeeping needs to be addressed in an entertaining way to avoid losing momentum.

The writing:

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"They say the best way to predict the future is to invent it. And that’s what we’ll be doing over the next few days. Inventing the future of our company by planning the strategies for our brands. Now, as invention requires new ideas, we’ve got workshops tomorrow where you can all get together and generate new approaches".

The result: a successful conference, a content client and subsequent repeat business – we now write conference host speeches for Boehringer Ingelheim twice a year.

The credits: copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson London. Brand Agency: Catherine Turner. Client: Boehringer Ingelheim

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