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How do you write a brochure that sells a product or services? In a word: empathy. You have to understand what the audience currently thinks and what they need. Then you can start to present the benefits to appeal to those needs. It's selling with words. The Americans, who know about these things, call sales brochures their 'silent salesman'. It's more than presenting your offer persuasively. You need to anticipate the questions of a prospective customer and answer them - convincingly of course.

For more on how we write a sales brochure just read this article on sales writing.

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P&O Cruises

The challenge:

"How do you persuade people to spend £2,000 on something they’ve never done before?"

POC new ship BritanniaThe brief: P&O Cruises wanted a high proportion of the passengers on the maiden voyage of their new ship, Britannia, to be setting sail for the first time. Our job was to produce a sales brochure to help make this happen.

The solution: We asked, ‘what's putting people off cruising?’ and discovered that people were worried they’d get bored out at sea. To counter this objection, we focused our 16-page sales brochure on the huge range of restaurants, theatres and sports facilities on board. Using creative, benefit-led copy, we sold our ‘five-star floating hotel’ as a holiday destination in itself.

The writing:

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Food heroes, assemble!

We all love cooking shows. But how much better would they be if you could actually taste the mouth-watering meals your favourite chefs create?

On Britannia, you can. You see, we’ve called on the tasty talents of some of Britain’s leading chefs and christened them, our Food Heroes.

The result: P&O Cruises were delighted with the sales brochure copy and lots of jobs have followed.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson London. Copywriters: Joseph Richardson and Sam O’Flaherty. Client: P&O Cruises.

Wealth management arm of a large international bank

The challenge:

“How can a corporate brochure speak to multiple audiences at once?”

Corporate brochure for large international bankThe brief: The Wealth Management division of this major international banking group wanted a brochure which described their wealth management services in a way that appealed to the diverse requirements of all their clients. The difficulty was, these requirements differed considerably. Eastern billionaire entrepreneurs tended to turn to their private bank for corporate finance while old money families in the West were more likely to be interested in wealth protection and inheritance strategies. We needed to interview key personnel from different territories to develop the correct messaging – and capture it within an existing brochure template.

The solution: We unearthed common ground messaging without diluting the particular expertise each territory demanded. And we wrote it in a refined, sophisticated and client-centred tone of voice.

The writing:

Fulfilling your dreams and pursuing your passions

We expect to be judged by future generations on the decisions we made ten, twenty or even fifty years before. That is ultimately what successful wealth management means: meeting the test of time.

The result: The different regional divisions approved the text and it has been it is now being browsed the world over.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson London. Copywriter: Barnaby Benson. Client: Confidential.

Planet Cruise

planet cruiseThe challenge: Make a growing cruise agency, Planet Cruise, stand out from the competition. And write a sales brochure that did increases sales. Planet Cruise research destinations and then package cruises with inclusive land stays and tours to create unique holidays. The management wanted a radical shift in the company’s tone of voice to set them apart from their staid, me-too competitors.

The brief: Create a new, unique tone of voice and write the first piece of marketing collateral using it – a quarterly sales brochure.

The solution: Sometimes the answer to a problem is staring you in the face. Literally. It was this time. We suggested channelling the expertise, energy and slightly quirky personality of the company founder, Jenny West, into a new tone of voice. By writing the sales brochure copy from her perspective the communications suddenly became as unique as the offering.

The writing:

“Chugging along at a leisurely pace, you’ll be glued to the huge cabin window, well, when you’re not looking at your plate that is – the Rocky Mountaineer is also famed for its delicious food and fine wine. Forget The Polar Express or anything from Platform 9 ¾, this is the most magical train journey in the world”.

The result: Record sales ensued and we have since written Planet Cruise’s summer catalogue.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting, London. Copywriter: Joseph Richardson. Client: Planet Cruise


UCL Rooms cover
UCL Rooms inspiration

The challenge: Leading London brand agency, The Partners, created a striking new brand identity for UCL (University College London). Thought-provoking and evocative, it perfectly captured the progressive and visionary spirit of the institution.

The brief: Our job was to write the first piece of marketing in the new tone of voice, bringing it to life. The first piece of writing for any brand is always tricky – as this blog post highlights. UCL rents out spare lecture halls over the summer. This sales brochure had to appeal to businesses looking for a meeting or conference venue.

The solution: Headlines which presented our messaging in a thought-provoking way and celebrated UCL’s awe-inspiring heritage. The body copy had to sell and inspire – blending the benefits of the deal with the appeal of the institution's pioneering past and famous alumni.

The writing:

Inspiration's all part of the package

“An impressive choice of rooms, beautiful surroundings, a fascinating history – all in the heart of Bloomsbury, close to London’s West End. UCL is the ideal venue for your meeting or event”

The result: a vastly improved brochure and a delighted client.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson Ltd, London. Copywriter: Barnaby Benson. Design agency: The Partners. Client: UCL.


macdonalds page strokemacdonalds pageThe challenge: attract business people with the right qualities and encourage them to apply to become a McDonald's franchisee

The brief: a McDonald’s franchise is a licence to print money, right? Wrong. Running a successful franchise takes a lot of hard work and dedication. McDonald’s needed a sales brochure which appealed to the type of people who would succeed at being a franchisee while putting off those who thought it was easy money.

The solution: honestly present what goes into owning a McDonald's franchise, anticipating questions and answering them - encouraging self-selection. We challenged the reader. An individual who likes a challenge is what McDonald's want whereas the person who thinks it all seems like too much hard work will be put off.

The writing:

"Regular? Medium? Large?

Just how big is your call?

You’re a large and valuable part of your local community, as well as being a small but important part of a renowned global organisation.

But to get all of that out, there’s a lot you need to put in. Have you got what it takes?"

The result: a very demanding client was very happy.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson Ltd, London. Copywriter: Barnaby Benson. Design agency: Marketing Matters. Client: McDonald's.

NatWest International Personal Banking

natwest coverThe challenge: Offshore based, high-net-worth individuals might never meet their private banker. So NatWest international wanted a suite of sales brochures which could step in and represent them. They needed to inform, build trust and anticipate questions. The complete face-to-face service – on paper.

The brief: Write brochures presenting the NatWest International Personal Banking services and the opportunities they offer customers.

The solution: These sales brochures could have slipped into a suit – they were walking, talking, personal bankers. Informative and engaging, they focused on the reader’s situation rather than the products. We discussed the challenges of being wealthy and based offshore - and the opportunities it offered. Then we discovered the ways in which NatWest could meet these challenges. Like all good salesman, the brochures made it all about the customer.

The writing:

Multi-currency account convenience

Organising your finances whilst you are abroad can be a frustrating experience. Local banks may have difficulty opening a card account for you, preventing easy access to your money. Good advice on making the most of your new tax situation and choosing investments can be hard to find.”

The result: ‘The quality and speed of your work for us was simply outstanding; the best way I can illustrate this is that my Finance Director, who is somewhat of a sceptical individual, described the overview brochure as "the best brochure he has ever read"...if customers think the same we are in great shape’. Managing Director, Natwest International

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson Ltd, London. Copywriter: Barnaby Benson. Design agency: The Partners. Client: NatWest International Personal Banking.

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