Corporate brochures and covering letters

For professional services and organisations

The benefits of a well written brochure

A brochure is your silent salesman. It is a substitute for having a representative meet your prospective client. It must therefore give some background on your company and explain your services. For each service it should:

How much text?

If these details are presented in the context of answering the client’s needs, you do not need to worry about giving them too much detail. They will be interested because you are talking to them about something they care about – how you will solve their problems and help them achieve their objectives.

Do this well and the prospect will:

Covering letter

A covering letter improves the conversion rate of a sales brochure. Why? First, it allows a more personal, individual-to-individual tone than the more formal brochure. This frees you to be more persuasive because you can reference their situation more specifically. Because it is like a dialogue, you can anticipate your audience’s objections and answer them. It is a highly cost-effective medium and, of course, highly measurable.

The value of persuasive copywriting

If attracting new clients is important to your business it is essential to have persuasive materials – brochures and covering letters – that convey the benefits of your approach. Professional service providers, like lawyers, all offer the same thing. It is the way they offer it and the experience and expertise they bring to bear that differentiates them. Clients are looking for evidence of this experience and expertise. A good copywriter can draw this out of a client and make it credible on the page.

Targeting different audiences with different need

You will probably have distinct types of prospective clients. Having a covering letter for each type allows you to explain how the way you do things meets that group’s particular needs. Done well, such letters can dramatically improve sales conversion rates.

BB Copywriting: experts in professional services sales writing

Writing for professional services is a skill and many copywriters and design agencies do not understand it. BB Copywriting can provide examples of brochures for organisations in a variety of sectors. It can also show you covering letters that have dramatically improved the conversion rate to secure more meetings for companies. The value of those meetings and the business they generated far exceed the cost of writing those letters and brochures.

Good copywriting is a fabulous investment in your business. You can use both the letter and brochure copy repeatedly, attracting clients when you need them. The copy can also be adapted for your website, so this is becomes more effective in attracting clients.

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