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To be in the global market can be successful, you have to communicate as a global company.

Barnaby Benson Ltd. can help you to do just that. From our head office in London, we offer agencies and companies from around the world on a wide range of services related to the creation of English texts. Our task is to optimize the effectiveness of your written communication.

The most successful companies in the world use professional textile services. Many of them turn to us. We work with agencies like Brand Union, Landor, The Partners and imagination. Our current brand customers include Coca Cola, HSBC, Jumeirah Hotels, Barclays Bank and Jaguar Land Rover.

We create a series of internal and external communication, including websites, brochures, annual reports and corporate correspondence. If something needs to be formulated in clear, concise English and in a manner that supports the brand values, we are the right partner for you.

Services for Agencies

Advertising, brand and design agencies outside of the United Kingdom, the USA and Australasia, and other countries where English is not the native language, standing before an enormous challenge. You must find a way to convey their brand content correctly in English. The mere translation can not capture the core message of the brand and is therefore quickly run the risk of not being able to transport the small but important nuances of statements. A bad translation can also be classified as negligent and understood inferior, which they will put off customers.

As we submit communications for big brand agencies of Britain, we are perfectly suited to advise foreign agencies at English versions of documents and campaigns. We can transfer your brand history and brand guidelines correctly into English. We can formulate the texts of websites and brochures to your customers so that they convey the brand attributes and developed by you positioning.

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Services for brand owners

Grammatical errors and vague formulations are counted in the English business culture as unacceptable. They are seen as signs that the company has no quality control. Often enough, a single grammatical error to deter a potential customer.

We can ensure that your entire written communication complies with the highest international standards. Thus, we will help you, your business to market more efficiently. In addition, we can optimize your English and offer your English statements. Thanks to our priceless experience and our understanding of the English market, we can help you to make more convincing statements and so the competition to stay one step ahead.

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