Higher Education course brochures - tips

Here's a letter we sent out explaining the difference copywriting can make to higher education course brochures:

Wouldn’t you like to attract more high-calibre students
to your postgraduate business programmes?

Dear University marketing manager,

With so many institutions worldwide competing for the best candidates, attracting the right profile of student to your business programmes is a challenge. The course prospectus is a key tool. Done well, it can convey the distinctive strengths of your institution, capture the experience of being on the programme and excite interest.

I and my colleagues have written the brochures for the leading programmes at London Business School and Imperial College’s Tanaka Business School. As you are one of Britain’s other top providers of post graduate business education, I am writing to see if you would like us to bring this expertise to your communications.

Many institutions draft their own course promotional materials. So it might be an idea if I briefly set out the main advantages of using us.


You may not have someone with the marketing and writing skills to take a brief and turn around text quickly. I, and the other writers I work with, can provide that capacity and ensure you have the materials ready for the beginning of your promotional season.

Discover what is uniquely appealing about your programme

Curricula for comparable courses at competing institutions can be similar. Students want to know what else your programme offers that they can’t access elsewhere. A good copywriter can help you seek out what differentiates your institution and programmes, then draw out the benefits these differences will bring students.

Often, the marketing and programme team are too close to be able to see how both institution and programme are distinctive. It helps to have someone from outside to question and probe to discover what is unique.

Anticipate and answer student questions

Prospective students will spend a considerable amount of money and time on a post graduate programme. It is hardly surprising that they have many questions they want answered before they commit.

As we have experience of writing for this audience, we can ensure that your literature anticipates and addresses these key questions.

Proven skills

The brochures we have written for London Business School and Imperial College’s Tanaka Business School worked. But you don’t have to take my word for it:

'Barnaby quickly understood the brief and carried out substantial research to produce a successful marketing tool with accurate and effective messaging. I would not hesitate in working with him on further projects or recommending him to others.'

Nicola Roberts
Marketing Executive, Tanaka Business School, Imperial College

Reasonable costs that deliver results

Naturally, there is no cost to discuss your requirements – the length of brochure, the amount of new copy that must be written, the number of interviews required. We can then prepare an estimate which we will hold to. Depending on how much fresh copy is required, a 24 page brochure might cost between two and five thousand pounds to write. Not a small sum. But with minor changes, the same copy can probably be used for several years. (I have just refreshed a leading MBA brochure for £850.)

The future of your programme and business school depend on the calibre of student you attract. So, surely it makes sense to invest in this key marketing tool - the prospectus - making it as compelling as possible so it works hard for you.

To find out more

To download a copy of the MBA brochure I wrote for the Imperial MBA at Tanaka Business School, please go to:


For a free estimate, just call Barnaby Benson on 020 8674 3551. Or you can email me at: bb@barnabybenson.com.

Yours sincerely,

Barnaby Benson


PS We offer reduced rates for suites of brochures or retainers. This allows you to refresh more of your programme literature at a far lower cost per brochure. We also write web copy and other communications materials for universities.

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