Internal communications campaigns

Communications to employees require the same disciplines as persuading external audiences - and just as much imagination. We write for many of the London communications agencies who have led the way in producing internal campaigns that are both highly sophisticated and highly effective.

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A major bank

The challenge:

"Can a book and storytelling techniques get senior managers to make a subject a priority?"

Major bank internal communications

The brief: We can’t tell you the bank’s name, but we can tell you their objective: they wanted their senior managers to start taking risk more seriously when supervising. We were asked to write a 10,000 word contemporary parable which does just that.

The solution: Bestsellers tend to deal in themes like love, war and revenge. Not supervision. However, with an interesting set-up, suspense at the end of each chapter, character growth and a satisfying conclusion, we raided the novelist’s toolkit to keep people reading and convey our message. As this blog post explains, books are an unbeatable way of sharing insight because of people’s intrinsic desire to know what happens next. We tapped into that.

The writing:

"There was once a company which was the pride of its employees and the envy of its competitors. It wasn’t the quality of their products which created these intense feelings of respect and jealousy, although they were impressive. Nor was it their position atop the sales league table, although it was remarkably consistent.
Instead, it was their stellar reputation. While the rest of the industry was no longer associated with good service, this company retained complete trust. While the public viewed their competitors with deep suspicion, this company was a byword for integrity."

The result: An increased print run and talk of adapting the book for the bank’s US Head Office.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson London. Copywriter: Joseph Richardson. Agency: Blue Goose. Client: A major bank.

Anglo American

The challenge:

"How can you give a corporate awards show a bit of buzz?"

The brief: anglo american coverAnglo American's annual Applaud Awards (a lot of A's - sorry) celebrate employees who've 'gone the extra mile'. The ceremony would be hosted by the company's CEO, Cynthia Carroll - once named by Forbes as the fourth most powerful woman in the world. Our job was to write Cynthia's speech, the presenters' scripts and the conference literature.

The solution: we turned written nominee interviews into heroic stories by using classic narrative devices. Intriguing openings and colourful descriptions made them highly readable. As for Cynthia's speech, we watched her in action on the Anglo America website and wrote in her own indomitable style. Zero punches were pulled.

The writing:

"The team worked day and night for months. Sacrificing Christmas, they tested the quality of all water released across a 40 square-kilometre area."

The result: Lots and lots of applause throughout the event.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson London. Copywriter: Joseph Richardson and Barnaby Benson. Brand Agency: SalterBaxter Client: Anglo American

Astra Zeneca

AZ Manual int commsAZ Annual int commsWorking with leading London communications agency, The Team, we wrote the navigation copy for their new Finance Academy Intranet site, the user guide and the launch emails. This is the user guide. So often an afterthought, The Team's designers suggested a ring binder that, when turned around, would also be a calendar. We produced copy to emphasise the design idea.

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