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The Financial Times

Blame the BBC for poor quality of modern drama - 13 May 2017

Market Leader

The quarterly publication of the Marketing Society

March 2016

'Screenwriting technique reveals how brands can unlock universal appeal'

September 2015: 'Building a strong brand personality with words'. Download a 1MB pdf copy here.

The Guardian

6 November 2015: 'All the best? Yours sincerely? The last word on email signoffs'

24 August 2015: 'Hi ... hey ... hello ... Dear reader, how do you start an email?'

19 June 2015: 'What's halfway between a mile and a kilometre? British English'

10 March 2015 'Do you speak Kiwinglish? New Zealand's distinct linguistic identity'

9 January 2015: 'It’s a digital world, but the writing is not on the wall for the handwritten note'

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