Newsletters should be as fascinating to read as the daily nationals. Not easy. But if you keep the audience's interests in mind, and probe a client for the beef on a story, you can make it happen.

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Kantar Media

audiences matter coverThe challenge: when it comes to audience measurement, no-one knows more than Kantar Media. As their go-to copywriter agency since 2009, it’s our job to make sure this expertise shines through in their communications.

The brief: write Kantar Media’s bi-annual, business to business newsletter, Audiences Matter – a mixture of drafting original articles and editing supplied text.

The solution: the original content requires in-depth interviews with senior personnel. This is all about anticipating the questions the business audience want asking and identifying the key messages. The structure then needs to flow logically. And, as with any newsletter, attention grabbing sublines and intriguing headlines are a must.

The writing:

"Pay-TV upsets the established analogue order in Vietnam

"In Vietnam, television is still king, but as cable networks increase, the crown is shifting. Our 2011 Audience Measurement Survey found that state-owned analogue channels are increasingly losing audience share to foreign-backed pay-TV offerings, while in the long-term, the internet may dethrone them all."

The results: Audiences Matter continues to be popular and we have since been commissioned to write another newsletter for Kantar Media as well as their World Audience Summit communications.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson Copywriting London. Copywriter: Barnaby Benson and Joseph Richardson. Client: Kantar Media Group

Read current edition here and past editions here


vodafone coverThe challenge: produce a must-read in-house newsletter for telecoms giant, Vodafone.

The brief: The Voice is Vodafone’s in-house newsletter. It’s well produced and packed with interesting editorial. Like all internal business communications, the vast majority of pieces carry a corporate message. Our job was to get these message heard while keeping the internal audience hooked.

The solution: we focused on the human interest aspect of each story and intrigued the reader with narrative devices and bold headlines. By giving the reader incentive to continue reading, more of the company’s messages are absorbed.

The writing:

"OK, now you be the customer

"When you were little did you used to play shops? The till was always full, service was attentive, and every customer was happy. In business the goals aren't really any different - but it's a much harder game".

The result: despite a very late briefing, the newsletter was delivered on time and the client was delighted.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson, London. Copywriter: Tim Bax. Communications Agency: The Team. Client: Vodafone.

Major professional services firm

The challenge:

two lawyers“How can a monthly newsletter keep alumni interested in their old firm?”

The brief: With over 5,000 employees, this global firm inevitably experiences a high turnover of talent. Some of their alumni go on to thrive at rival firms; some make their mark in different industries. Together, they’re a valuable resource of future leads, skills and employees (they often come back into the fold enriched with experience). Our job is to produce alumni communications so insightful, enlightening and entertaining alumni keep reading and stay loyal.

The solution: After identifying alumni sign-up motives, we put a greater emphasis on professional insights, ensuring there was a business angle to each piece. We also reiterated the benefits of being active in the network at every opportunity. Finally, in the style of broadsheet supplements, we launched a number of ongoing article series.

The writing:

21st Century partner

"Jane Doe isn’t just a new partner. She’s a new type of partner. A pioneer of ‘flexible working’, Jane has risen through the ranks on a reduced hours contract. We caught up with her to discuss how she made the arrangement work – and why it makes good business sense for the firm."

The result: Increased e-newsletter click-through rates and consistently higher traffic on the alumni website. As a result, our remit was also increased to include alumni event material.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson London. Copywriter: Joseph Richardson. Brand Agency and Client: confidential

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