One-to-one Writer Coaching

Coaching that transforms writing ability

Your organisation no doubt needs many of its people to write. Letters to customers and suppliers will affect the way your company is perceived while internal communications can have a big impact on operational efficiency. Most people are not natural writers. They could benefit from advice and an easy-to-follow process that encourages them to plan messaging, consider the audience and understand the strengths and weaknesses of the medium they are writing for. That’s what our one-to-one coaching service achieves. It is superb value as your people learn skills that will help them write well, time after time.

"With the help of Barnaby Benson I have been able to produce concise and professional marketing literature which promotes the benefits of our company. Barnaby’s step by step assistance helped to build my confidence and ensure that future copy I produce is of a high standard."
Gavin West
Communications Coordinator
Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

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