Recruitment copy

Recruitment copy needs to sell the position and the company to the prospective employee. It also needs to attract the right type of person. Recruitment copy includes brochures, websites and booklets.

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HSBC Private Bank

The challenge: put together a recruitment brochure which appealed to experienced bankers all over the world. Maintain the individuality of current employees we interviewed in the process.

The brief: write the copy for a 28-page recruitment brochure presenting the benefits of working for HSBC Private Bank. Stay in-line with the department’s new branding: ‘opening doors to new horizons’.

The solution: a company’s recruitment offering is like any in brand work – it needs to be differentiated. So, during extensive interviews with senior management, we identified the distinctive advantages HSBC Private Bank could offer employees. We then brought these to life in the brochure using a mixture of descriptive text, employee quotations and case studies.

The writing:

"I joined HSBC for its global network. This is the platform for me to drive the Private Banking sector to even greater heights. We have such a strong history of banking success and there are so many opportunities to grow and evolve along the way".

The result: the brochure was distributed to HSBC Private Bank offices worldwide and remains the centrepiece of their recruitment campaign.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson London. Client: HSBC Private Bank


The challenge: those who own a McDonald’s get a licence to print money along with their licence to flog Big Macs. Right? Wrong. Running a successful franchise takes a lot of hard work and dedication. McDonald’s needed a brochure which appealed to the type of people who could succeed at it – while putting off those who couldn’t.

The brief: pen a 24-page brochure which does just that. A sales brochure which honestly presents what goes into owning a McDonalds franchise while anticipating questions and encouraging self-selection.

The solution: firstly, we attended the franchise briefing session at McDonald’s HQ. Double Cheeseburger in one hand, pen in the other, we took notes. Then we set about challenging the reader. Why? Well, the individual who likes a challenge will respond to this. Whereas the person who thinks it all seems like too much hard work will be put off.

The writing:

Regular? Medium? Large?

Just how big is your call?

You’re a large and valuable part of your local community, as well as being a small but important part of a renowned global organisation.

But to get all of that out, there’s a lot you need to put in. Have you got what it takes?

You’re looking to make a 20 year commitment.

The result: a very happy client.

The credits: Copywriter agency London: Barnaby Benson. Design agency: Marketing Matters. Client: McDonalds.


The challenge: FTSE 250 company SThree is a global leader in the recruitment industry with a stable of firms renowned in their respective sectors. However, their communications weren’t befitting a company of this stature.

The brief: write a recruitment website which was. And that wasn’t all. Recruitment can be very rewarding. However, it’s challenging and training is expensive. SThree wanted to make long-term appointments – future managers, not just salespeople. We needed to attract young, international professionals with the right characteristics to succeed in this industry.

The solution: we produced copy which was both realistic and aspirational and headlines which were brash as well as intelligent and intriguing.

The writing:


The results: the website is still pulling in candidates all over the world and the ads are used as templates across SThree’s global network.

The credits: Copywriter agency: Barnaby Benson London. Agency: SAS. Client: SThree.

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