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Straplines capture the essence of the brand and its offer to the consumer. But they're not easy. In just a few words, you have to bring out everything the brand stands for and persuade the audience to buy into. Tricky - but we love writing these.

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Institute of Directors

Institute of Directors logoThe challenge: "How do you convince senior managers and directors that being a director requires professional training when most don’t receive any at all?"

The brief: The Institute of Directors has been the voice of British business for over a century. They are experts in what it takes to be a true business leader. In creating a new learning experience that would professionalise directing, The IoD Academy, they faced a huge challenge: convincing established senior managers and directors that they needed extra training. And there was another spanner in the works: modernising the IoD's identity from a traditional old boys' club to a diverse, forward-thinking learning provider, yet retaining all the authority that came with its rich history. Not easy. We were brought in to create a range of Reasons to Believe/positioning statements, as well as a strapline for The IoD Academy that would persuade and inspire leaders that learning was the way to true leadership.

The solution: Be bold. We created challenging positioning statements that confronted the audience directly, forcing them to take stock and question whether, without formal training, they could really consider themselves directors. Yet we retained an aspirational tone to the messaging, one that matched our audience’s ambition and drive to succeed. This meant the challenging statements remained highly motivational, as well as informing readers about the different aspects of the IoD Academy.

The writing:



Positioning statements:

Become a professional director

Gain the confidence to grow yourself, your business and make a real impact in the world. Most directors receive no formal training in their role, their responsibilities or the skills required. The IoD Academy meets this need for guidance and development, providing the learning and insight to get you to where you need to go – fast.

Raise the bar

Become the leader your organisation can rely on. Be part of an innovative learning experience that’s setting the standard for directors and business leaders everywhere. Harnessing a century of leadership expertise, learning is at the heart of the IoD membership experience. Whatever your background, become a director with the power to shape your future and drive society forward.

The result: Straplines are notoriously tricky. They’re just a handful of words, so they get scrutinised by the whole office. Ours ran the gauntlet and came out not just unscathed but widely celebrated by the marketing manager and beyond. They were especially pleased with our reasons to believe, which will go on to form the basis of the launch campaign for the IoD Academy. Not bad.

bodenQuality This one for Boden was used for over five years. The one that replaced it lasted barely five months. We also created the concept for this insert which went into numerous national newspapers.

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