Why newsletters work for estate agents

Reach customers BEFORE they’re ready to sell/buy

Calling an estate agent to get your house valued seems a big step if you’re not already thinking of moving. Signing up to a monthly email isn’t. Your online newsletter will let you connect with your customers earlier on in the sales cycle.

Once they’re signed up to receive your online newsletter, you can connect with your customer base more frequently and more personally than your rivals. So when homeowners are ready to sell, you already have their trust – and a relationship in place. You’ll be top of mind and they’ll be more likely to call you.

Why waste an opportunity to demonstrate how good you are?

The amazing thing is, you have the valuable information homeowners want. But you’re not sharing it. As a result, they don’t know that you’re any different from the next agent. New customers may not have even heard of you. Past customers may not be aware you’re still active.

You sell properties, we sell brands

At Barnaby Benson Copywriting, we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the country, from Argos to Unilever. One of our writers will be designated to your company when you sign up for the service. All we need is a twenty minute briefing once a month. Then we’ll leave you to concentrate on your job and we’ll get on with the writing.

The online newsletter will be a fascinating read

Use us and we’ll turn your thoughts on your local market into a highly readable newsletter. And we’ll save you time so you can focus on what makes you money – selling and renting properties.

It’ll work better than your current promotional activity

Currently, most estate agents, if they do try to recruit new customers through letter drops, promise owners they have lots of buyers on their books looking in that area.

Problem 1: This isn’t any different to other agents who also claim to have buyers registered.

Problem 2: This only appeals to sellers who are ready to sell. You probably can’t afford to constantly letter drop in order to catch homeowners when they are ready to sell. So you will only catch those ready when you letter drop.

With our approach you remove this need for lucky timing. Your letter drop promotes your online newsletter. Property owners will be interested in it even if they are not ready to sell. After all, their property is their biggest investment.

They’ll sign up to receive the newsletter and you’ll be contacting them regularly from then on. So when they are ready to get a valuation, you’ll be top of mind and trusted. And they'll have your details to hand.

To find out more, call Barnaby Benson on 033 0122 2114.

We can only work for one agent in your neighbourhood, so don't delay.

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