Why BB?

Experienced in writing effectively for most media
We can demonstrate superb results writing brochures, sales emails, websites, videos, speeches, straplines, names and and more. See project samples.

Tone of voice development
We have created tone of voice schemes for Barclays, Next and many of London's great brand consultancies. Our tone of voice ideas are fresh, distinctive, on brand and entirely practical so anyone can achieve the new way of writing.

Bespoke training to meet specific needs or general training in how to write more creatively, clearly and persuasively - our sessions are an enjoyable mix of theory, tips and practice that helps non-writers write better. Our Persuasive Writing Guardian Masterclass is one of their most long running and popular. Training programmes to launch and bed-in new tone of voice schemes are the most effective way of changing engrained writing habits and improving an organisation's writing - and thinking.

Positioning and supporting creative teams
Creative agencies of all sorts bring us in when they're looking for a good team player comfortable with strategic thinking and crafting original concepts, headlines, positioning statements and body copy.

Reassuring quality
Blue chip clients, well known design consultancies

High customer satisfaction
Strong repeat business indicates high customer satisfaction

Branding and marketing insight
Due to advertising agency background

Persuasive, effective copy
Due to sales experience

Central London office
For making quickly arranged meetings

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